Friday, 17 September 2010

Why frog?

What a question. You obviously don't know me. I love frogs. If I had a daemon, it would be a frog (yes, I'm reading His Dark Materials. I felt I had to, since I live near Jericho in Oxford). I even have my own little frog army (I'll post pictures soon). And I love green. So Frog Land was just obvious. And there are actually more reasons:

  • Frog1: A very welcome guest in any garden. Unfortunately I have yet to see any in mine, but maybe if I install a pond for them, they will come.
  • Frog2: knitting term to describe the heart wrenching or satisfying activity of unraveling a knitted garment (based on the "rip it, rip it" sound a frog makes).
  • Frog3: A native of France. Now since I love both France and frogs, I don't consider this an insult. But I recently discovered that prior to the French, it was actually the Dutch who were called frogs, due to the marshy conditions of their homeland. So as a froggiephile, Francophile Dutch-American, I see nothing but good connotations.

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