Friday, 17 September 2010

Why blog?

So, why make this leap into blog land? Do I need any reason other than I'm bored on my last day of work? Of course I do. That will never sustain me through the long hard slog. Nothing sadder than an abandoned blog. So, GOOD reasons:

  • record of my knitting (though ravelry fulfils this purpose quite admirably - but you have to be a member)
  • record of my garden (alas, there is no ravelry for gardens)
  • record of my travels (who actually prints out photos anymore?)
  • record of my reading, movie watching, and general consumption of culture
  • record of my cooking, canning, baking, and any other kitchen productions - like, maybe, beer. Why not?
  • incentive to improve my photography skills
  • an opportunity to chatter even when no one is around