Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Introducing the Frog Army

So, as promised, here is the frog army (plus a few other assorted green animals). I knitted a couple, but most were picked up on our travels. It is nice to collect things, preferably cheap and small, because then you always have something to buy on holiday. I also collect egg cups, but that collection is much smaller. It is actually surprisingly difficult to find egg cups.

A couple have names. There is Ferdinand, the wooden guy in the front dangling his legs over the chair. And Filius Frogg, the round guy with the buggy eyes to the left of Jeremy Fisher. And further left, Foo frog. And the other knitted guy in the middle is Franklin frog (who seems to be fading rapidly, oops).

Jeremy Fisher is probably the start of the frog obsession. We had all the Beatrix Potter books - I was partial to the mice, Jeremy Fisher and Squirrel Nutkin. Was never a fan of Peter Rabbit. My mother embroidered me a Jeremy Fisher, and my sister a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, and thus our characters were set. I got all the boy stuff and boy colours, she got the girly stuff and pink. I collected animals, she collected dolls. My mother kept the Jeremy Fisher embroidery when I moved to the UK, and she refuses to give it back. I suppose since she made him, she gets first rights.

And one more photo, of Foo frog at Culzean Castle where he was acquired, on a lovely Indian summer day last Autumn, just before we left Scotland. He is a finger puppet, which may explain his vexed expression.