Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Yarn stash database

Ravelry has a great online database function to store information about your yarn stash. This is really useful because you can then search their massive database of yarn patterns to find just the right project for your yarn.

But I wanted to see if I could find out other interesting information about my yarn stash by manipulating the data in Tableau. Tableau is data visualisation software that allows you to create infographics about your data - basically a souped-up version of Excel.

Here's an infographic I created of my yarn stash by primary fibre and colour, sorted by weight.

infographic also available on Tableau public

It is very clear from this infographic that the vast majority of my yarn is rather surprisingly not green, as most people who know me and my colour preferences would expect, but grey. However, a quick peak at my completed projects on Ravelry will make it clear that this is because although I buy a lot of grey yarn, I do not knit it.

Also, a big chuck of that grey is an enormous cone of Donegal aran tweed which I plan to knit up come this winter. I have two Brooklyn Tweed & Co projects in mind.

Stowe, a fabulous waffle textured voluminous jacket you can wear either way up.

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

And Amherst, a comfy cabled sleeveless dress.

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

But why am I talking about winter in the middle of spring (other than because it doesn't feel anything like spring)?!

Here's another infographic that includes information about yarn company and where I bought the yarn.

Interactive graphic is available at the tableau website

This image makes it clear that Habu Textiles is my favourite yarn company. I have a LOT of Habu in my stash to get through, most of it in nice summer fibres like silk, linen and rayon.

I'm hoping to use up some of that Habu silk and linen in a lovely tank top by my favourite designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

Foldover Top © ori ami knits

Because even if prospects are not currently looking up for warm weather, that is no reason to give up using my favourite fibres. And anyway, I must keep knitting if I want to keep on top of that yarn stash!