Sunday, 31 March 2013

Making Easter - knit bunnies and chocolate eggs

When I was a child we always made things for Easter - usually paper Easter baskets and dyed Easter eggs. In the US the shops carry Easter egg dying kits, but it's not so easy in the UK - there are no kits, it is virtually impossibly to find white eggs, and anyway, most of them have a big red stamp showing their origin.

Instead, Easter in the UK is all about chocolate. So instead of dying eggs I have started making chocolate eggs. And by excellent timing, I also happened to be knitting a bunny for a friend's child, just in time for Easter. So now I have a knit bunny AND chocolate eggs to enjoy during Easter.

For the bunny I used the Karel pattern by Annita Wilschut. This is a really clever pattern for a child's soft toy, because it is knit in one piece, so there is less danger of limbs being pulled off. I made mine in Plassard baby alpaca, for extra softness.

Wilfred bunny

I made the overalls from some leftover Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petites, which is the softest baby alpaca ever. The overalls are fastened with a vintage button from my husband's granny's button box.

I made chocolate Easter eggs in a simple mold I bought in Finland last year. My decorating attempt was less than successful, but never mind, I used Lindt chocolate, so they are very tasty!