Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Instant knitting

I have to update you on my Cherish bolero project - because it is already done! I completed it in a week, and would have finished it even earlier if I hadn't followed the directions wrong. I read 'repeat these 2 rows until xx rows have been completed' as 'repeat  these 2 rows until xx repeats have been repeated'. Easily done, as I'm sure all knitters can attest. Right? I'm not the only one out there making dumb knitting mistakes, am I? Anyway, no real harm done, I only had to reknit two pieces. Still the the quickest knit ever.

I'm a 34 bust so made the small size, but the top came out a little bit tight. Still wearable, but I think the bolero will look better either unfastened or fastened with a metal clasp. I'll have to darn up the buttonhole somehow, but I'll work something out.

pewter clasp purchased from Purlescence

A lot of people don't like knitting in pieces, but I don't mind it. You don't have to work on an increasingly unwieldy pile of knitting, and I actually quite enjoy seaming. Particularly since I learned the mattress stitch - an amazing technique that creates magically invisible seams. This is slightly easier to do in stockinette than in garter, but it works equally well for both fabric types.

In stockinette, you seam from the front of the fabric, joining the two pieces by sewing through the vertical bar between the first and second stitch on the edge. I learned the technique from Vogue Knitting (the essential knitting resource), but there are very clear directions and images on Knitty. They suggest you baste your fabric first - a good idea, but one step too many for me. Anyway, with chunky yarn you can pretty much see what you are doing - though I did pin the sleeves in place before seaming. To reduce bulk I used an aran weight wool in the same colour for seaming (isn't stash great?).

Can you identify the seam on the sleeve? It is practically invisible until you get to the cuff ribbing.

This little top is going to be perfect for office Christmas parties.

And before you think I am an absolute freak - thinking of winter while spring is bursting out all over - despite the winter knitting I actually am in a springtime mood. And I have my first flower arrangement to prove it.