Monday, 4 April 2011

Keeping busy

March was not a very good month for blogging. I was crazy busy working on our new website (ahem, media platform) at work. After much stress and overtime we got it in shape for a fancy launch event on Tuesday 29 March, held at Altitude 360 in London (aka Millbank Tower, the site of the Conservative Party headquarters. I noticed they still haven't replaced the windows).

We're very proud of our shiny new website - (my main contribution was editing the references in the policy primers and briefings. And I did a lot of general editing and uploading).

After all that hard work I was due for some celebrating. Fortunately we had booked tickets to go see Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House on Thursday (thanks to our friend Sarah Shepherd - Richard would never have agreed to go if I had suggested it).

I've been to a couple of ballets, but nothing spectacular. This was spectacular. Even Richard enjoyed it - in fact, he actually wants to see more! The set designs, the costumes, the sheer numbers of dancers prancing about - it was a visual feast. On top of which, the Royal Opera House is a gorgeous venue. I particularly liked the little lamps on the balconies - they gave a cosy touch to the lavish splendour. I didn't take any pictures because apparently you're not allowed to, so I'll borrow one from someone who isn't as rule-bound as I am.

I would have liked to sit a bit closer in order to get a better look at the costumes, but in fact the cheap seats give you a better overall view of the action. I've decided ballet is the best spectacle for a fibre lover, because the costumes are an integral part of the performance, in that they are required to display the dancing form (as opposed to just setting the scene, as they do for opera or theatre).

Here's a taste of the performance, taken from the Royal Opera House website:

Oh yes, and I suppose I should share my ballet-going outfit, seeing as I specially knitted two items for the occasion (traveling woman shawl and opera-length lace gloves).

Next step is to get Richard to the opera.