Monday, 14 February 2011

Avoiding V-Day

I know a lot of people don't like Valentine's Day - too much pressure to be in a relationship if you aren't and too much pressure to "be romantic" (which sadly just seems to mean chocolate and candies) if you are. I don't mind it myself - it's all part of the panoply of celebrations to enjoy in February, including my birthday, my sister's birthday, Chinese New Year and finally my wedding anniversary. Which falls on the day after Valentine's Day, so we can delay the requisite meal out and avoid the crowds.

I got a special little souvenir from Paris for our anniversary this year, from a treasure of a shop in the Passage des Panoramas selling odds and ends from old factories. The kind of shop you find so often in Paris, which makes you want to become a bohemian artist and move to Montmartre (preferably the Montmartre of Hemingway's day).

Our initials in metal type letters - romantic, non?
(I had to buy the period because the proprietor didn't have enough change)

I lack the imagination to become an artist, unfortunately (and also, perhaps more importantly, the drive), but I have been inspired to eventually create a little display which I can update with souvenirs and little trinkets from our holidays. Something along the lines of Joseph Cornell's boxes.

photo from

Maybe on my next trip to Paris I'll find the perfect box.